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Nov 18, 2009


As Brandi wrote, welcome to the latest and greatest incarnation of  This site began its life as our wedding website, designed by Brandi and developed by me.  It sat there for years until I redeveloped it as a blog in order to learn ColdFusion on Wheels.  I got 25% of the way toward what I wanted it to be...and ran out of free time.  Recently, I got sick of it just sitting there, so I insalled Mango Blog (also written in ColdFusion) and here we are.  At some point, I'll probably re-start the CFoW version but, for now, let's get to bloggin'!


It was recently announced that, for all intents and purposes, development of the grandaddy of all ColdFusion frameworks, FuseBox, has ceased.  After some initial consternation in those of us who chose FuseBox for mission-critical applications and sites, many in the community (including myself) have concluded that this is probably not a big deal.  That is: FuseBox v5.5 is stable and complete and there's no good reason to drop everything and convert all of those existing FuseBox sites to other frameworks.  Having said that, when it's time to start the next new site...


Our surname, "Bliss," is relatively rare so I was surprised by the following line from "Casino Royale":


Houston is a beautiful city with frequent, visually stunning skies.  Follow imsoapee on Twitter for random pics of same along with other interesting stuff, "Traffic? What traffic? It's effin gorgeous outside!! :)"


Podcasts I listen to and recommend:


Brian Meloche

Brian Meloche wrote on 05/26/10 10:53 AM

I found this post from a search on CFBloggers and couldn't resist replying. What, no ColdFusion podcasts in your list? There are several these days, CFConversations being one of them.

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